Mat Holmstrom was born in the beautiful mountain town of Banff, Alberta and lived out his childhood in the small french community of Beaumont, Alberta. Having grown up around the artistic practices of his mother and grandfather, Mat became interested in creating art at a young age. He attended an intensive pre-college program at the Alberta College of Art and Design, which furthered him to enroll in the art and design program at MacEwan University in 2009. His studies there helped establish a foundation upon which to construct and direct his own ambitions and goals.

Mat is inspired by reflections of the past, recognition of the present, and visions for a future. Holmstrom’s work is influenced by his French, Scandinavian and Canadian ancestry, resulting in a distinct painting style that fuses modern design knowledge with fine art intuition. He embraces the spirit of growth through festive subject matter, a rich color palette and the integration of metallic paint, which stimulates a unique viewing experience in a variety of lighting situations.