Portrait Painting Vancouver Mat Holmstrom Art
Self Portrait | Metallic Acrylic on Panel | 5ft x 4ft



Dedicated to an ever-expanding creative world of work on paper, panel, canvas, ceramics and sculpture, Holmstrom has created a diverse body of work that embraces the spirit of French, Canadian and International art canons.

A consistent practice for the artist is to embrace, draw and paint the natural splendor of the Pacific Northwest, while exploring notions of beauty, space, and growth. These experiences inspire the artist’s dynamic shapes, colors, and compositions.

Metallic paint integrated with a harmonious color palette and a unique relief masking technique stimulate a mesmerizing viewing experience for audiences of all ages. The intensity of the metallic paint is altered throughout the day as the lighting of the environment transitions, creating an ever-changing work of art that lends to the artists’ embracement of reflectivity and metamorphosis.

Between 2007-2012 Holmstrom attended the Alberta College of Art & Design and MacEwan University, where he studied both traditional and contemporary art and design. In 2012 he relocated to Vancouver and committed to developing his own art philosophies and practices.

Holmstrom has participated in numerous group exhibits alongside several solo exhibits across the lower mainland of British Columbia. His work can be found in private collections across Canada.